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Artificial Christmas Trees Buying Guide

by Nannette Richford
August 2008    

Purchasing an artificial Christmas tree is a big step, particularly if you have always had a real tree. You may be afraid that it won't look like a real tree or that it just won't feel like Christmas without a real tree. That may have been true of artificial trees when they first entered the market, but it really isn't the case anymore.

Free shipping at ChristmasTreesGalore.comThere are many options available from pre-lit natural looking trees to silver or blue tinsel trees that reflect holiday lighting creating a dazzling display of color. With careful selection you can buy an artificial tree that looks real and brings all the warmth and festivity of a natural evergreen tree.

1. Style: Consider the style of the tree. If you are accustomed to a balsam fir tree, you probably won't be happy with an artificial tree with pine needles, no matter how well constructed it is.

2. Inspect: Inspect the floor model to see if it has the shape and style you desire. Don't just look from the distance. Get up close and touch the needles and look closely at the construction.

3. Pre-lit tree for less tangled lights: Consider a pre-lit artificial Christmas tree. These are quick and easy to set up and save hours of detangling wires when set up time rolls around.

4. Easy assembly: Look for ease of setup in any artificial tree you are considering buying. Does it unfold in one piece or are each individual branches assembled separately? Just because the box says easy assembly doesn't mean it is. Set up time should not require extensive work or time.

5. Sizing up the Christmas tree: Check the full height and width of artificial trees to determine if they will fit into your present space. Buying one that is too large or too small is a disappointment you can avoid.

6. Style of tree vs. style of room: Consider the overall effect on the room you are considering displaying your artificial tree in. Although a blue tree may be dazzling in the showroom, how it will look in your home is what's important.

Whether you choose a more traditional evergreen artificial tree to adorn the corner of your living room or a dazzling bright blue tinsel tree to liven up your entertainment area; purchasing an artificial tree that is well constructed and meets your idea of beauty will bring hours of enjoyment and is sure to enhance the holiday experience.






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