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Christmas Wreaths Buying Guide

by Nannette Richford
August 2008

A traditional evergreen Christmas wreath brings holiday cheer to any home. Not only is it decorative, the evergreen wreath has long served as a symbol of eternal life and the renewed hope that spring will return at the end of winter.

Save big at WreathsGalore.comWhen it comes to holiday decorating, there are many wreaths to choose from, depending on your need. Handmade grapevine wreaths adorned with brightly painted stars and handmade Christmas ornaments or a string of twinkling lights will add style and holiday cheer to any room. Christmas wreaths can be placed on the outside of the door or between the doors to welcome gift-bearing guests when they stop by to celebrate the holidays. What ever you choose, there are ssome things you should look for when buying a Christmas wreath.

Artificial Christmas wreaths should look natural and be made of high quality materials that will hold up to outdoors placement. Although tiny wrapped presents or cheerful holiday angels may be cute, be sure they are waterproof if you intend to hang your Christmas wreath on the front door.

Lighted Christmas wreaths should have indoor-outdoor lights to allow you to place the wreath in any location. If you are buying a lighted Christmas wreath, be sure the bulbs are easily replaceable in the event that you need to replace a bulb. One that will stay lighted even if one bulb goes out is ideal.

Grapevine Christmas wreaths should be well shaped and have a nice thick base of vines. Be sure there is ample room for adding your own Christmas decorations and ornaments to the base of the wreath.

Evergreen Christmas wreaths should be well constructed and solid. Look for fresh evergreen boughs that are soft and supple. A Christmas wreath that has brittle or yellowing or browning needles has not been properly taken care of and will not hold up well during the holiday season. Be sure the Christmas wreath has a hanger for easy placement.

Handmade fabric wreaths can bring warmth and a down home feel to your Christmas celebrations. Choose one that is well constructed from material that is easy to clean. One that has Christmas ornaments that can be removed for cleaning will make the job of cleaning easier.

The type of wreath you choose is up to you and depends on your particular decorating style and the dcor of the area you intend to display it in. Homey Christmas wreaths adorned with handmade crafts will surely add atmosphere to any gathering. Combined with the scent of home baked cookies, holiday music, soft candlelight and a tree adorned homemade ornaments is sure to create Christmas memories to last a lifetime.

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