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Free shipping at ChristmasTreesGalore.comThe nutcracker soldier is one of the most recognizable symbols of Christmas, besides the Christmas tree. Wooden nutcracker items such as a Steinbach nutcracker, Ulbricht, Christmas soldier, pirate, or Nutcracker ballet ornament make beautiful and heirloom quality gifts. Wonderful for the family's first Christmas, a housewarming holiday or hostess gift. Scroll below and click for more info.

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nutcrackerNutcracker Collection for Sale
Complete List
(depending on availablility)
Teacher Chubby Nutcracker
Herr Drosselmeyer Nutcracker
Mini Drummer Nutcracker
Mini Humpty Dumpty Nutcracker
Mini Shepherd Tending Sheep Nutcracker
Mini White Rabbit Nutcracker
King Nutcracker
The Nutcracker
Ballet's Red Mouse King Painted Snowman
Fisherman with the Catch of the Day
Beer Drinker Nutcracker
Cabinet Maker Chubby Nutcracker
German Guard Nutcracker
Fly Fisher Chubby Nutcracker
Santa Sailing with Boat Nutcracker
Palace King Nutcracker
Guard Soldier Nutcracker
Carpenter Chubby Nutcracker
Gardener Chubby Nutcracker
Natural Musketeer Nutcracker
Bird Watcher Chubby Nutcracker
Fur Trapper Nutcracker
Lance Drummer Chubby Nutcracker
Baker Chubby Nutcracker
Natural Soldier Nutcracker
Indian Nutcracker
Snowman Chubby Nutcracker
Vintner Chubby Nutcracker
Mouse King Chubby Nutcracker
Aviator Chubby Nutcracker
Fireman Chubby Nutcracker
Irish Man Chubby Nutcracker
Balthasar Chubby Nutcracker
Skier Chubby Nutcracker
Mini Three Dancer Nutcracker
Green King with Fur Trim Nutcracker
Santa with Sled and Gifts Nutcracker
Hunter with Binoculars Nutcracker
St Nick Nutcracker
Holiday Santa Nutcracker
Gold King Nutcracker
Wiseman - Melchior Nutcracker
Santa Claus with Fur Trim Nutcracker
The Mouse King Nutcracker
Wiseman - Caspar Nutcracker
Wiseman - Balthasar Nutcracker
White Santa Claus Nutcracker
Santa with Toys Nutcracker
Prince Natural Nutcracker
Ballet's Clara Santa Claus Natural Nutcracker
Boy Scout Nutcracker
Slope Skier Nutcracker
Tin Man Nutcracker
Ghost of Future Nutcracker
Wonderland's White Rabbit Nutcracker
Geppetto Nutcracker
Farmer Nutcracker
Phantom of the Opera Nutcracker
Patriot Santa Nutcracker
Scarecrow Nutcracker
Uncle Sam Nutcracker
Mechanic Nutcracker
The Nutcracker
Ballet's Toy Soldier Melchior Nutcracker
Marksman Nutcracker
Equestrian Nutcracker
Santa Gingerbread Baker Nutcracker
Rustic Santa Nutcracker
Santa with Dog Sled Nutcracker
Henry Morgan Nutcracker
Rider Nutcracker
Merlin Nutcracker